Cute Baby room decor ideas for boys and girls in 2018

Baby room decor

If you are going to become a mother then you must have some cool baby nursery ideas and ideas about the Baby room decor as well. Finally, your baby boy or girl is arriving from heavens and its time to celebrate and decorate the home with Baby room decor ideas. Baby nursery could be decorated for boys and girls separately and combine as well.Today we will give some cool wall decor ideas 2018.

Baby room decor 2018

In the room decor everything matters like colors, themes, schemes, and products. All this make this a place for a baby loves.

Tips and ideas for baby room decoration

Here are some tips about the baby room decoration hope it will help you.

  1. Easy reach of necessary items is the first tip of an ideal baby room. Like the wipes, covers, diapers, bucket, feeder and pacifier should be near on the table in reach.
  2. Leave some large place in a room to walk easily at nights.
  3. Apply the wallpaper that is easily washable.
  1. Apply a soothing and dark window shade for best comfort at night.
  2. Keep a good color lamp with reflecting multi-color at night for baby enjoyment.
  3. Select a good theme for the baby room that gives a sense of peace, beauty, and exploration.
  4. Choose the colors that attract the kids when they look at them and they feel happy.
  5. Don’t over decorate the baby room make it spacy and light.
  6. Take out all extra things from the baby room.
  7. Throughout the dangerous things from the room.
  8.  Keep the sensitive things like baby nail clippers and baby grooming kit away from kids’ reach.
  9. Avoid over paint and too many things, keep it soft and colorful.


2018-Baby Nursery Ideas

Baby boy nursery  

Here are some ideas for a baby boy nursery ideas.

Baby boy room decor tips and ideas.

  1. A baby boy’s room is a place where baby and parents spend many hours so it should be decorated properly and according to needs.
  2. Design should be according to boys like superman, batman and animals wallpapers should be used.
  3. The baby boy room should be bold and straight.

Baby girl nursery

The Baby girl room decor needs some softness and aesthetic sense. Baby girl nursery idea is not too much different from boys. While You can find many baby girls room decor ideas from Google.

  1. Baby girl nursery should be styled o provide a heartily welcome home.
  2. Choose vibrant, soft and bold colors.
  3. Use wallpapers of Disney girls cartoon characters like Cinderella and Frozen.


Wall decor ideas

Interior design trends 2018

 1.Dekosh Kids Jungle Theme Peel and Stick Wall Decal, Colorful Owl Giraffe Lion Tree Decorative Unisex Sticker for Children Bedroom, Nursery, Playroom Mural

2.Baby Blue, Wall Art, Boys Room Décor, Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, Monkey

3.Amaonm Removable Creative 3D Hot air Balloon Aircraft and Smile Clouds Wall Decals Kids room Wall Decorations art Decor Stickers Nursery Decor 3D art Decal Bedroom Bathroom Sticker.


Final verdict:-

Interior design trends show that there are many other things for the baby room decor 2018 which will be shared in the next articles. Hope this article will help to decor your baby room easily.