You would love this Chara Undertale Battle on Scratch : Try now

Chara Undertale

Have you ever played Chara undertale and you want to know about chara then you are on the right blog? Chara undertale is the first and most powerful player in the gameplay.

Who is Chara? 

Chara is a person fallen to underground or the first human come at the start of the game. Undertale chara is a complicated character throughout the gameplay.

Undertale chara and frisk

Undertale frisk is number 8 character in the gameplay but similar to Chara.Frisk undertale fall on Chara on flowers. 

Undertale Chara Battle on Scratch

Have you ever played this battle on scratch?

Let’s try it! You can enjoy here chara undertale sprite, chara jumpscare,

and chara undertale jumpscare. Chara algae is a most wanted character on the internet.