How to teach Number 10 : Amazing ideas for teachers

number 10

Do you know that kids love counting and we are going to tell some amazing ideas for teachers about How To Teach Kids Number 10? Do you know kids love numbers? Number 10 one of the coolest number in preschool counting?

How to teach Numbers 1 to 10?

Here are some amazing ideas for teachers about how to teach numbers. we will also tell. How to teach counting kids will become very easy after reading this article? There are some amazing tips to teach numbers to kids.

Numbers are part of the basic learning of any kind. This article is about guiding you the easiest tips to teach the numbers.

number 10

  1. Count from 1 to 10

  2. Count from 10 to 1

  3. Now count  your fingers 1 to 10

  4. Count your fingers 20 to 1

  5. Name and count the things around you

  6. Random number practice

  7. Count the kids sitting in numbers

  8. Recognition of number with activities

  9. Make them learn to write numbers


Teaching with Number poems

There are a lot of nursery rhymes that teach numbers. The teacher should sing these poems with kids.


1.One two

2.Five little ducks

3.Five little monkeys


Counting things in the classroom

Ask the kids to count the chairs, windows and other things in the classroom.Ask them to count their fingers. Count the kids in the classroom. They will participate in this activity happily.

Practice through different activities

Ask them to run and touch the said number. You can do so many activities in this session.

number 10


Writing numbers 1 to 10

This is the final part of the number learning. Make their practice to write one to ten. First, on dots and after some days ask them to write freely.


Don’t forget to repeat the old lesson before starting the new one. That’s it, now your kids will do good in numbers and  Number 10 especially.In this way, you can teach them many other concepts like shapes and writing.