Know about the mystery of Acerola Pokemon true identity

acerola pokemon

Do you love Pokemon then you would love to know about the mystery of Acerola Pokemon and its true identity? Here we are going to tell you about the power, identity, and nature of Acerola Pokemon.

Acerola Pokemon

Acerola is a girl with purple eyes and purple hair and she is a trial captain.

She specializes in Ghost Pokemon.In appears in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Acerola always wears black and purple dress in patches.Having messy bob hair with a small ponytail with a badge on the forehead.

acerola pokemon

Acerola is a powerful and playful character and she strikes well towards the Trial Captains.

Basically, Acerola is a Trial Captain in Pokemon sun and moon and she asks of the player character.

She was said to take a picture of Haunter, Gengar, Gastly, and Totem Mimikyu. Acerola also becomes the Elite Four member of Pokémon League.

Acerola Pokemon: Personality

The most surprising thing about Acerola is that she has wrinkles under her eyes. But she has the spirit than a small girl. Sableye is her first Pokemon, likes to surprise you all the time.

Acerola has won the hearts with her cute look but nobody knows about her age mystery.Maybe it solves after some time.