Bad babysitter for you kids could be so dangerous , you can’t imagine

bad babysitter

Most of the parents need to hire some babysitter for their kids due to many reasons but the bad babysitter for your kids could be so dangerous, you can’t imagine.There are lot of examples about bad babysitters. Maybe you have seen a video Clip of Ugandan bad babysitter who is treating an 18 years old baby girl inhumanly.She stepped on the baby girl with her full weight almost to the point of death.This Video has been seen by almost 12 million peoples in the world.After watching this many Parents feeling very painful for the baby. This video is very alarming for mothers, it gives a lesson to not to rely on maids especially for small kids.

Why Parents hire BabySitters?

Due to financial issues, more and more Women are now want to do jobs, So they have to hire a babysitter to care her small kids at home.But unfortunately, it becomes a great risk for their small kids for many reasons.

Bad impacts of a bad babysitter on kids?

  • Kids follow the way the maid is talking, they behave and act like the maids.
  • That’s why experts prefer that Parents should spend most of their time with small kids and they prefer to combine family system.
  • Sometimes kids get more attached with their maid that becomes a headache for the Parents.
  • Most of the Parents feel insecure due to their kid’s attachment with their babysitter more than Parents.
  • Parents doing full-time Jobs leaving their Kids in the hands of babysitters.They say we have no choice, full time they prefer to earn than the Child and leave him/her in baby sitter’s care.But they should understand that leaving a child with full-time creates distance between Parents and kids.
  • It is not only attachment but to adopt each and everything they observe in their maid.Because it is very easy for Kid’s to copy everything that they observe all the day.
  • Children brought up with maids are normally undisciplined and having bad manners.It is because babysitter has no love and affection for the kid as a mother.She is just doing her job.
  • Some time Parents can not give good attention when they come back from their jobs, So their kids become very depressive or aggressive in behavior.

bad babysitter

What should the Parents do?

  • The purpose of this topic is not to tell that Mother should not do work.The actual issue is that we should realize that babysitter is just a maid.
  • She can not replace mother’s responsibilities for her child.
  • She is just to support the mother.
  • Mothers should prefer short hours job, it could be in alternative hours with the father.
  • So at least one of the parent should remain at home with a kid in other absence.
  • If Job is not compulsory for the mother then she should stay at home till kids schooling starts.
  • Keep it in your mind that Kid’s personality is completely developed in first five years, So please don’t make them like their babysitters.They need their Parents attention at this stage.